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God Wants To Use Christian Business People

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

God has a unique role for Christian businesspeople in the UK to reach out in a way the Church cannot.

Read this powerful prophetic word given by Christian SME business strategist, Peter Lawry. Peter is the director of New Zealand company, Business As Mission Limited. He delivered this word at a gathering of British Christians in business on Monday 25th July 2022.

Peter believes business will play a key role in the next move of God in this nation and we can be a part of it as we surrender our lives and our businesses to Him.

Powerful prophetic word of Christian business people in the UK

“In this next stage of the move of My Spirit, business will pay a key role. I have a role for businesspeople to move into society in a way that the Church has not been given permission to do for many years. I have called you into business for the purpose of forming a missional base for the move of My Spirit.

“Therefore, this is far more than the mere progression of your businesses into the things that you have seen them to be: I am calling you to change your vision and to establish, in your minds, the role that the Kingdom of God will play through business into this nation, and through you.

“I will not work with those who do not voluntarily lay down their lives for My Son, by the Spirit; but if you will acknowledge the call that I’m giving, if you will surrender your lives and make your lives and your businesses open to Me, then I will establish My Kingdom through your businesses, in this nation.

Will you stand in the gap? Will you take up the role that I have for you, in order to bring the move of My Spirit to this nation, to establish the Kingdom of God?

“As a nation there are many things I have held against you over time – atrocities perpetrated in My name, both in terms of slavery and in terms of the establishment of empire by force. But I will wipe the slate clean of all of those things; My Son will come and bring a freedom upon your nation that you have not seen as possible. I will establish the move of My Spirit so it rocks your nation from the start to the finish, from the north to the south, from the east to the west.

“For I’m riding out among you and I’m calling My people; calling the remnant who will stand with Me, acknowledging My Lordship and the call of My Spirit upon this land and upon your lives. Will you stand in the gap? Will you take up the role that I have for you, in order to bring the move of My Spirit to this nation, to establish the Kingdom of God?

“For this was once also a land that owned and honoured My Name and sent out many God-fearing people into the world from this place. And I will once again bring the Word of God upon your nation – if you are willing. But it will take commitment and the lives of those who are obedient to My call to surrender; the lives of those who acknowledge Us; who will allow My Son to take up His role in your lives and in your businesses.

“Surrender your lives therefore to the call of My Spirit.”

About Peter Lawry

Originally from the UK but now living in New Zealand, Peter was visiting England for a family wedding when he delivered this encouraging message from the Lord at KingdomBiz, a group led by Alistair Whitmoor-Pryer in Exeter with many International links.

Peter is passionate about teaching Biblical and commercial strategies for impact, and challenges Christian businesspeople in the UK to “Trust God as your CEO!”. He is also the author of When Jesus Calls – Transforming businesses into expressions of God’s Kingdom – available on Amazon.

Experience the power of making God your CEO by first downloading a free sample of Peter's book When Jesus Calls here

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