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We all know that life as a Christian, and life as a business owner, shouldn't be separate activities, Split by 'Sundays' and 'weekdays' –– but how?

In his brilliant book, When Jesus Calls, Peter challenges and unpacks what  "following Jesus" looks like in business.

I've applied Peter’s revelations (all backed by Biblical references and  true-life testimonials from SME businesses around the globe) into my own business. I've now recognised that it isn’t my business at all, but His

Peter challenges us to realise that Jesus must be our CEO and then unwraps what that means.  He lists questions at the end of each chapter that we need to ask ourselves,

to ensure we are called to business and can operate ours in a Christ-centric fashion.

Thank you Peter for providing a clear path, and prompting changes in my approach to business!

Author of "The Courage Series"

I was fortunate to attend two training sessions given by Peter, at an event hosted by NZ Christian Writers’ South Island Network. Peter is a relaxed speaker, easy to listen to.


He delivered both sessions with warmth and regular moments of humour, walking us through his multi-faceted career before launching into his topics. His presentations were very clear, with loads of information on marketing and data collection.


As someone starting out in business the insights and skills were invaluable. Thank you, Peter, for so generously offering us your own experience. You’ve helped us grow beyond where we are at. 


Peter Lawry has applied a fundamental Biblical principle to 21st century business in a fresh and dynamic way. This should become a handbook for all Christians in the business world.


I’ve just finished reading When Jesus Calls. It was great!! I'm putting it into action by working on letting go and letting God. I've referred your book to a friend too. He has bought it from Manna Christian Stores and should receive it soon. Thank you.


Over the last few years God has been leading me to work out what it means to run a “Godly business”. – Not just to "be good” or “apply Christian principles and morals"; but rather in an "I only do what I see My Father doing " sort of way. It’s been an interesting journey unpacking that, and allowing God to challenge my prior thinking. Recently my wife spotted a post by you, referring to your book and your podcasts. I thought... “Hmm, that’s curious: the same underlying topic”. So I bought your book. I am part way through and thought I’d write and say: Well done! This book neatly captures the foundations of understanding our relationship with Him, and how our businesses can be a mechanism to work that out. I am sure I will enjoy reading the rest.


Wow, what a great book, Peter! Simply written for easy understanding and – oh! – how pertinent to my life right now. So direct and uplifting. You have helped bolster and encourage me to know I am on the right track. Congratulations on how you have written this book. I do need a mentor too – have been thinking about that recently. I’ll be forwarding your book on to my kids, and have told my wife she needs to read it too!


Thank you so much, Peter, for your wonderful book. It was instantly transformational. The morning after I started reading it I woke up and asked God what he wanted to do with my work. His answer was instant, and my 'To Do' list disappeared out the window. That first day – not the seventh or even the second – was one of rest. A weight was lifted from me and I truly relaxed. I already knew I was tired but not how badly. My efforts had become counterproductive, undermined by my stressed spiritual state. So far, so amazing. Thank you so much for bringing me closer to God. Your words have brought a calmness and reconnection with God that are far too easy to lose in today's frantic world.


Hi Peter, I am enjoying reading your book. There is some real inspiration there, no matter if you are in business or not!


I decided in April 2023 to make God the CEO of my business based on our conversations and having started to read your book, “When Jesus Calls”. God has been amazing! Since I handed everything over to Him, He has shown me so much grace. I gave my uncle and aunt a copy in December, and they loved it too. It really is an amazing book.


Please may I have 10 more copies, to give to other contacts of mine?

South Island Christian Book Authors Network

Peter carries an anointing to empower business people to run their organisations from Biblical foundations. His impacting book, When Jesus Calls: Transforming businesses into expressions of God’s Kingdom, invites us, as business owners, to make Jesus our CEO, aligning our businesses powerfully within the Kingdom of God.


I highly recommend Peter as a seasoned presenter for any group wanting to unlock business success – or Kingdom living in general. The times are challenging and we need clear, insightful teachers like him to help remind us to set our compasses on Jesus alone. In Feb 2023, Peter was a guest speaker at the South Island Christian Book Authors’ Network, presenting "Building a Customer Database" and "Social Media Marketing."


His presentations and perspective on selling and marketing were fantastic! He speaks in a relaxed, personable manner, and took us on a captivating journey, that hooked us in. His presentations were "spot on", tailored wonderfully to our non-profit organisation. He’s definitely kindled the appetites of our network: we now want to explore these matters further, to help us get our own books out to the world. Thank you, Peter!


I was sceptical I would learn anything new: how wrong can one be! (The chapter on forgiveness was mind-blowing.) Peter writes in clear, plain English, with short chapters: it was an easy read.


A work of enormous, power, passion, honour and divine wisdom. An essential and timely lesson in aligning your business to God's Kingdom.


Hi Peter, I just wanted to drop you an email of encouragement after reading your book When Jesus calls – transforming businesses into expressions of God’s Kingdom. All the content resonates strongly. As I read through it cover to cover I felt a sense of the challenge of Jeremiah 6:16. Your book is a great signpost to walk in those “ancient paths”.


Lots of sage wisdom contained within it. I really appreciate the time and thought that has gone into authoring the book. It feels like it's been inspired by the Holy Spirit. I appreciate your application of scripture and the real-life stories of business people and entrepreneurs from across the globe, doing their best to follow Jesus. All very uplifting, inspiring and thought provoking.


Peter, thank you for being so generous with your time this morning. Your guidance is fairly unique. Following our Zoom call, I have a real sense of a fresh new awakening. I hope we’ll be able to talk again soon!


I just finished listening to your book this morning. The one thing I kept feeling at the end of each chapter was: "How can the next chapter be better than that?" Yet it was! I love the fact that you so rely on Holy Spirit. I'm excited!

Amazon Book Review by “Spineless Reviews” (USA)

Truly Transformational


This book was a breakthrough in so many ways. It deepened my connection with Jesus – prompting a change in perspective that drew me closer to God. I read the first chapter and my life instantly improved. Instantly! I’ve never made that claim about a book before. Not even those written by great Christian apologists. However, "When Jesus Calls" offers a genuine epiphany. Not because it deals with the most complex or contentious of subjects but because it brings a new perspective to an issue many of us think we already have sorted. After all, running a Christian-owned business along Christian lines – following God’s teaching and being moral in all business dealings – seems natural. And it is. But, what if you could do more? What if you could surrender your business to God as completely as every other part of yourself? That’s a revolutionary thought. It’s a daunting one too. However, Peter Lawry walks the reader along this familiar yet new path with empathy, humor, and experience. These are supported by multiple testimonies and quotations from scripture that provide a sound biblical footing for this wonderful transition. "When Jesus Calls" provides insights that draw readers closer to God. It made me happier, calmer, and even a little wiser. I strongly recommend letting Jesus call to you from the pages of this book.

GNM – Africa

Thank you for partnering with God to bring healing, deliverance, peace and joy to people in business like myself. The title of the book spoke to me directly as soon as I saw it. I’ve been using it like a daily devotional! It has transformed how I handle business, and helped me surrender to the Lord, being more intentional to involve Jesus in my daily dealings. I had previously embraced God as my Father, but as CEO of my business? – This has taken my relationship with Him to another level!


Thank you for sharing these truths, Peter, about what attributes a Christian leader needs to have – just as Jesus modelled to us. Authentic, Trustworthy, Honest. You make us take a good look ourselves, and other leaders around us…

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