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Biblical, Kingdom-Business Strategies for

Impact, Achievement, Growth

Our Story

Our seeds were first planted in early 2017, when Peter – an adventure-loving entrepreneur, qualified accountant, and extensively-experienced SME business owner and mentor, was challenged by a wise old friend and prayer-partner with: 

“What if you let God be the CEO of ‘your’ new business –
and you simply be His employee?”

That single challenge changed, radically, the way Peter approaches business. Six years of seeking God deeply, have resulted in him seeing Jesus intervene countless times – in his own business and those of others – to provide new clients, increase cashflow, manage time, turn uncertain staff into devoted advocates, change attitudes and behaviours, reveal new strategies, and yes, generate financial success too.

Peter doesn't peddle unrealistic promises. He shares clear Biblical truth, and life in the Spirit for businesses, in an easy-to-grasp way often through real-life stories.

Your Story

Combine your business experience with Peter's proven guidance and Jesus-centric strategies. Replacing yourself with God as your CEO is powerful and dramatic – see what it can do for you!

Expect yourself and your company to change significantly, as we explore Kingdom business together (Matt. 6:10), discovering Jesus' promise of holistic “abundant life” (John 10:10), as it applies to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our Story & Yours
What We Offer


Businesses change when we invite God to take control!

 Replace a shallow ‘success' mentality with genuine Kingdom ‘significance’

Empower your team with Christ-centred culture and growth – sustainably and without limits
 Access phenomenal Kingdom resources you've always suspected were available, but didn't know how 

Escape the tyranny of managing your business 'by the bottom-line’
Discover and fulfil your Purpose and Call, and your business’s Much Bigger Mission
Learn how to enjoy the ‘business owner role’, and do it compellingly well

Meet Peter


Peter helps anyone willing to follow Jesus, to build God-centric businesses, via influential books, public speaking and mentoring.

1)    Lived in how many countries?
       Seven total, and I’ve visited at least another 11. 


2)    Favourite food?
       Peanut butter, without a question!  What doesn't it go with?!

3)    Best thing, about what you do?
       I get a ringside seat, as God works in other people.  I’m awed at His
       invitation, ingenuity, originality, grace, mercy and unending favour!     

Peter is one of New Zealand’s top performing business coaches and improvement specialist – by applying his Biblical insights, business operations - and lives - change (not a shallow claim, but a fact supported by testimonials).

He’s a Chartered Accountant in two countries (UK and NZ), and an Assoc. Fellow of the NZ Institute of Management and Leadership. Peter is a Past District Treasurer for one of the seven NZ Districts of Lions Clubs International. He is part of his local church's leadership team, heads up the Prayer Ministry, and is involved in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries, as well as mentoring a number of young men.

Peter was born British, in East Africa, spending much of his childhood and teens in foreign countries.  He speaks a smattering of French, German, Dutch and Kiswahili – just enough of each to get into trouble! He became a ‘Kiwi’ (New Zealand) citizen in 1998 – a decision he’s never regretted. Married with 5 children and 6 grandchildren, he’s a keen hiker/tramper, overseas traveller, home-based ‘chef’ and avid reader.




We all know that life as a Christian, and life as a business owner, shouldn't be separate activities,

split by 'Sundays' and 'weekdays' –– but how?

In his brilliant book, When Jesus Calls, Peter challenges and unpacks what

"following Jesus" looks like in business.

I've applied Peter’s revelations (all backed by Biblical references and

true-life testimonials from SME businesses around the globe) into my own business.

I've now recognised that it isn’t my business at all, but His

Peter challenges us to realise that Jesus must be our CEO and then unwraps what that means.

He lists questions at the end of each chapter that we need to ask ourselves,

to ensure we are called to business and can operate ours in a Christ-centric fashion.

Thank you Peter for providing a clear path, and prompting changes in my approach to business!

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