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Unleashing Biblical & Prophetic Insights, for

Kingdom  Impact,  Growth,  Transformation

Our Story

Our seeds were first planted in early 2017, when Peter – an adventure-loving, prophetic, and widely-experienced SME business owner and change-agent – was challenged by a wise old prayer-partner and friend, with: 

“What if you let God be the CEO of ‘your’ new business –
and you simply be His employee?”

That single question impacted Peter deeply. It radically changed the way he has approached business ever since. By embracing God in His rightful role in businesses, strategically and operationally, Peter has watched Jesus intervene –  countless times – both in his own business and those of others.

Peter brings God's specific insights to each business through his prophetic ministry. He shares clear Biblical truth, and teaches life in the Spirit for business people.

He helps business owners embrace the exciting ride God wants us on, in our businesses. After all, don't we pray, "Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done on earth [just] as it is in heaven" (Matt. 6:10)?


Peter believes, models, and shares how to do so, in an easy-to-grasp way  through real-life stories

Your Story

Your business experience is unique. God knows you and your business better than anyone else. Why would He not want to be involved in it, with you?! 


Replacing yourself with God, as your CEO, is powerful and dramatic – are you ready to embark on an adventure?

Prepare yourself and your company for miraculous rapid change, as we embrace Jesus' promise of holistic “abundant life” (John 10:10), applying it to ourselves as entrepreneurs and business owners.
​(Not mere wealth - but a rounded, meaningful life of significance and Kingdom provision.)

Our Story & Yours
What We Offer


Every business changes when we allow God to take control!


– Receive Prophetic Insights, e.g.:-​

* Identifying new opportunities

* Providing unexpected and timely cashflows

* Warning management of upcoming pitfalls, uncovering staff crimes, etc.

* Unlocking surpluses for giving and growth

Discover your own Purpose and Call, and fulfil your business’s 'Much Bigger Mission'

Escape the Tyranny of 'Managing by the Bottom-Line’

– Replace shallow 'Personal Success' with 'Kingdom Significance’

Convert Disengaged Staff into Devoted Advocates, through Christ-Centred Culture
 Fulfil the "If you . . ." Commands of Jesus, Unlocking the Unlimited Resources of God's Kingdom

Meet Peter


Peter influences the market through books, public speaking, mentoring and business discipleship. Could he help you or your business too, perhaps?


1)    You've lived in how many countries?
       Seven total, and I’ve visited at least another 11. 


2)    What's your favourite food?
       Peanut butter, without a question!  (What doesn't it go with?!)

3)    What's the best thing about what you do?
       I get a ringside seat, as God goes to work in people's lives.  I’m awed at His
       ingenuity, originality, and unending mystery and favour!     

Peter was generously recognised for a number of years by The Consulting Group as being their highest achieving business improvement specialist in NZ. He attributes this to his commitment to work by Biblical and prophetic insights. As a result, business operations - and owners' lives - change. (Don't just accept our word - read the testimonials on this site).

He is the Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the second-largest Baptist church in NZ's South Island; is actively involved in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries; and mentors a number of individuals, from business people to teens to pastors. He always has a mentor of his own, so as to be accountable to others.

Peter is a valued speaker, sharing his message of life in the Kingdom with a wide range of people and groups – business, church, missions, house groups, and others – in NZ, the UK, the USA and Europe, among others. He is the author (and narrator of the audio version) of the powerful book When Jesus Calls: Transforming businesses into expressions of God's Kingdom – a book that led to a weekly 'slot' on NZ's national Christian broadcaster, Radio Rhema for a year.

His professional qualifications are available on the "Contact Us" page below.

Peter was born British, in East Africa, spending much of his childhood and teens in foreign countries.  He speaks a smattering of French, German, Dutch and Kiswahili – just enough of each to get into trouble! He became a ‘Kiwi citizen’ (New Zealander) in 1998 – a decision he’s never regretted. Married with 5 children and 8 grandchildren, he’s a keen tramper, overseas traveller, home-based ‘chef’ and avid reader.




We all know that life as a Christian, and life as a business owner, shouldn't be separate activities,

split by 'Sundays' and 'weekdays' –– but how?

In his brilliant book, When Jesus Calls, Peter challenges and unpacks what

"following Jesus" looks like in business.

Thank you Peter for providing a clear path, and prompting changes in my  own approach to business!

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