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Restoration Retreat for Business Owners

Amana Light & Hope Conference Centre, 14 Gordon Rd, Mosgiel

18 May 2023



For those who don’t know me. I’m the only Christian SME Business Strategist in NZ; I’m interviewed weekly as a specialist by Radio Rhema; I wrote a book 15 months (also available as an audiobook), which others (not me) are saying is “unique”, “profound”, “so easy to read”, “totally life changing”. I spent four years with a national franchise as a Business Improvement Specialist – and now work exclusively with Christians in business, which God called me to do two years ago. I’ve started and operated five businesses during my career.


Over last Christmas break, God specifically invited me to start running retreats for business owners, to get them to stop, inviting them to listen to Him rather than just battle on. “That’s going to be a challenge,” I thought: “We’re always so busy as business owners – will they come, God?”.


“Think about what you’ve just said” seemed to be God’s reply . . . “Since they’re too busy, why do you think I might be calling them back to Me?!”


Of course, He is absolutely correct. Not only do most us business owners thrive on busy-ness, rush and hurry (we almost wear it like a badge of honour, so we can reply, “Yes very busy thanks”, to anyone who asks us, “How’s business going: busy?”)


Where does this come from. Certainly not from God! I’ve already burned out twice in my life – once for 2 years, and once for 1½ (I’m clearly a very slow learner!). I was far too “excited by the chase” to ignore any of the signs that things weren’t good with me. So when I did hit the wall, I hit it really hard both times! Yup, I did a very thorough job of it . . . and I’m excited now to be invited by God, to help others avoid the same thing.


We’ve just finished – two days ago – our first Retreat in North Canterbury. It was an extraordinary two days, where God did a deep, deep work in those who came, sending them away refreshed, re-envisioned, hearing His voice again, certain of their calling; and many of us received powerful prophetic words and insights from the group, as we listened to God.


The first Dunedin retreat has just been confirmed, and we already have three spaces booked out of the total 9 (or 11 if we can fill the two Queen beds with couples). I’m so excited to be coming to the South. Everything is laid on for you – you simply turn up with an open heart, asking God for whatever you’ve been unable to do well for yourself over these past, very hard, years.


The attached flyer explains everything, including “the why”. Please read it prayerfully – it’s too easy to dismiss opportunities offhand . . . especially when they seem to be impossible, or might make us feel uncomfortable. If you’ve heard me on Rhema, you’ll know that I believe fervently that God wants to be involved in our businesses – and that we can take every business decisions back to Him, as our CEO. Perhaps consider this as an invitation from Jesus (via me) to meet Him in a really needed way.


Take care, and many blessings as we each connect with God, day by day,

2023-05-19 & 20 - Flyer and Booking Form - Restoration Retreat - Christian Business Owners
Download PDF • 156KB

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